Floral Arrangements

Our floral specialists create concepts that correspond with our clients’ personalities and visions. These creations are further enhanced by the quality of our hand-picked plant life, yielding only the most beautiful results.

A uniquely beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers will tie your event together. Our floral specialists create beautiful arrangements for every occasion. Whether for an anniversary, loss of loved ones, or planning a wedding; our creations are perfect for the special people in your life.



TPG is experienced with providing unique and appropriate floral arrangements for events ranging from conventions to graduations. Our professional team meets with our clients one-on-one to discuss theme, color, and budget among other details. Once we have worked together to create a design suited for the event, you can trust us to carry the project through.


When it comes to funerals, TPG understands the importance of honoring your loved one with a tasteful arrangement that also represents your loved ones spirit.